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What first caught my attention with AT-95 was their love for their home state of Ohio and  love of bourbon. Any furniture maker that uses Bourbon White Oak Barrels as their inspiration for materials has got my attention. – But what is truly admirable is love of American Made. On their about us page, husband and wife duo Dennis and Denise Blankemeyer, founders and co-owners of AT-95 wrote; “This is Middle America; where generations before us lived, sweat and bled. Our grandfathers were a mechanic, a farmer, a truck driver and a well driller.”  Although Dennis and Denise don’t make the product themselves, they’ve enlisted a team of skilled craftsmen who carry on their vision. I asked AT-95’s Brand Manager, Dani Turkovich, more about what makes them a standout in Middle America.

Meet the makers of the New American Industrial Revolution; AT-95. Making tables, barstools, and chairs from Killbuck, Ohio.


Modestics: Tell me a little bit more about AT-95?

AT-95: AT-95 is a brand that designs and manufactures premium made-to-order seating, tables and bases. Our products always evoke a distinct sense of place and a greater sense of meaning. We strive to carry on a legacy of American ingenuity and craftsmanship. We are heirs responsible for keeping the Middle American dream alive.

MO: Where did the name come from?

AT-95: The ‘AT’ in our name is short for American Tribute and 95 is short for the year the company was founded; 1995.  


MO: What aspect of your job do you love?

AT-95: AT-95 is a collective team, all working toward the same goal (which we love!): helping our clients and customers create spaces that evoke a sense of place and meaning. It’s always a win when a customer sends a photo of our products in their space. It’s beautiful! 

MO: Who makes your products?

AT-95: We are a team comprised of many kinds of experts. Each team member brings a specific and very valuable expertise to the table. We also partner with local shops to help us source specific materials and services.  

MO: What is your favorite Made in USA product? 

AT-95: Bourbon! Specifically, Jefferson Presidential Select – 21 Years Old. Check out more about why we love Bourbon here:



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  1. Kate B says:

    I’d LOVE to tour your facility!!

  2. Heidi says:

    I can’t leave a glowing review yet for AT-95, but clearly you know I’m a fan. Thank you once again for the introduction.

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