Lollygag with Loll

Linda By Linda Geiser


Chill out, take a break, relax, – lollygag. All words that go hand in hand with summer, and Loll.

Since their start in 2003, Loll has been changing the conversation about what it means to be a sustainable company. Greg Benson one of the chief Lollygaggers at Loll told me there are three things that define them, “Design of our products, it’s from recycled material, and it’s made in the USA”

Let’s talk about those 3 things that make Loll a company that shouldn’t be laughed at.


Design – Most of the pieces that you would know Loll for are classically simple. Like the iconic lounging beach chair, the Adirondack. Room and Board has carried a Loll version of the Adirondack chair since 2008, and DWR thought the chair was fitting enough to be part of their outdoor collection since 2009.

Loll has the vision to make designs by mid-century architect Ralph Rapson, who never got to see his chair designs to fruition. They also recognize the sleekness of fellow Minnesotan, architect David Salmela, to team up and design a line for them. Salmela designed the Loll office years ago, and “the good ideas never stopped.”


Recycled Material – Made entirely of recycled high-density polyethylene, Loll has kept over 26 MILLION milk jugs out of landfills! The super durable material is perfect in all weather conditions. Loll was adamant from the very beginning that they should use post-consumer material. “From the HDPE plastic to the brass inserts and stainless steel fasteners, Loll furniture is also recyclable.”


Made in the USALoll takes American made very seriously, and it shows in the details. Well, maybe it doesn’t really show. Some of the elements that you don’t even notice, Loll spends a great deal of time finding an American made source. Like the little special tool that you get to put your Loll piece together is made in the USA. It took them a year and half to source and develop the tool in the United States, something that easily they could have been made in China. They didn’t feel it was right to put together your Made in USA piece with a tool that was made anywhere else. That’s dedication. “You might pay a little more, but you know that’s the real cost. There are real Americans working to make these items, who get paid a real wage” says Benson.


Like any good mid-western guy, Greg was extremely humble when I asked him about how Loll became such a leader in American made design. “We’re just trying to make a sustainable product that people would like. We’re pretty serious about what we do, but we also like to have fun.” I would rank Loll right up there with other recognized Minnesota brands like 3M and Target. OK, maybe not quite yet… but give it time. Loll is here to stay, just like their furniture.

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